Dan and Ann have been generously funding the garden for over 25 years, including most of the plants, labor, and materials. In 2007 they set up a fund for the garden managed through the Seattle Parks Foundation. This fund was intended to start supporting the gardens in the event the family was unable to. Thank you to all who donated! In 2021 we established the Streissguth Gardens Conservancy, a non-profit, and transfered the endowment from the Seattle Parks Foundation. We are excited about the expanded the avenues of donations.

With your generous support we'll continue to nurture this garden indefinitely.

Ways to support the garden:

  • PayPal (either one time, or reoccurring)
  • eBay - yes, you can designate us as a charity when you auction items on eBay.
  • Kroger/QFC purchases
  • Double your gift check your employer donation matching program
    We're for sure registered with the following companies, but hope there are others that are picking it up.
    Please let us know if your employer matching program doesn't include us.
    • Amazon
    • Google
    • Microsoft