As part of National Public Gardens day, we celebrated our 20th anniversary of being a public garden. A huge thank you goes out to Phil and Cynthia for providing much of the food, and for helping to set up. Specials thanks to Jennifer, Inga, and Sandra for contributing yummy goodies also!

We had a steady stream of people all afternoon. Some stopped for a quick bite, others stayed for much of the party. While the numbers were hard to estimate, we're guessing that about 150 people showed up.

Other highlights included:

  • Tours of the private garden — Usually open by appointment only.
  • Historical photos board — As part of the event, Ben created a high-res copy of the photo board that you can download (27.5 MB) here.
  • Sneak peek at our new sign — We were thrilled to be able to show off a working copy of our new informational sign, now permanently mounted under the apple tree at the west of the Blaine Street stair landing.

Special thanks to the following for making this event possible

For further information on the event click here.